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Weekly Ad Graphics Policy

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2013 10:42AM EDT

Weekly Ad Graphics Policy

When we initially begin setting up Ads for you, we start with an empty graphics database (with the exception of national brands and some “beauty shots”). A beauty shot is an image of fresh foods such as cooked or raw meats, produce, bakery or deli items. If you want to have the exact image from your print Ad, please provide permission for online use from the company that creates your Ad.


Our goal is to offer a highly integrated, beautifully presented digital Weekly Ad to our retailers and their consumers in a very cost effective way. In our effort to keep costs at a minimum for our retailers, it is our policy to provide 75% or more of the Ad items with a thumbnail graphic.


Please note that if there is an item with no graphic on your print ad PDF there will not be a graphic for that item on your digital version.

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