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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST

Custom Pages Function:

In this article we will discuss the purpose of your Custom Pages function. Using this feature, you will be able to customize your website by creating custom pages with information about your store that will appear in the "More Pages" tab on your personalized website.

Certain advanced features, such as your Custom Pages option, are not compatible with all browsers. We highly recommend that you update your browser to Google Chrome so that all of your features will function properly. Here is a direct link for a free Google Chrome download for Mac users and PC users. Your consumer website will function properly with any browser so this will not be an issue for your customers.

To watch a video tutorial on this feature, go to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and enroll in the IGALink online course. You can obtain additional graphics and logos to use in the creation of your Custom Pages by visiting the IGA Image Library on The Alliance Site.

You will find the Custom Pages section on your Administration page in the Content Management box.

Once you select the Custom Pages section, you will be taken to the Web Page Content Management System (CMS) as depicted below:

In this example, two custom pages have already been created. From here, you may choose to edit or delete any existing pages that you previously created or you may choose to create a new HTML or PDF page.

If you would like to upload a PDF from your computer, select the gray "New PDF Page" button and you will see the following options:

Type the title of your page as you would like it to appear on your website. If you want the page to go live to your website immediately, check the "Is page active?" box. If the box remains unchecked, your page will be saved, but will not appear on your website. Next, simply choose a PDF file from your computer and select the green "Create new PDF" button. The page will now appear under your "Edit Pages" function as depicted above.

If you would like to create an HTML page, select the gray "New HTML Page" button. The following page will appear:

Follow the Tips for creating/editing a page instructions in the grey box above. Use the Title box to name the page as you would like it to appear on your website. Remember to leave the "Is page active?" box unchecked if you do not want the page to go live immediately.

Notice the Tool Bar of customizable options you can use:

If you scroll over each option, a small window will pop up telling you what each icon means. Using these functions, you can format your text, create a URL link, paste text from Word documents, create tables, and upload images. Check out this article on Creating SEO in Custom Pages to see some additional tools available to you.

Once you have completed your HTML page, select the green "Create new page" button. The page will now appear under your "Edit Pages" function as depicted above.

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