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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2013 10:42AM EDT

Basic Digital Ad PDF Upload Feature

IGA Retailers now have the option to upload a PDF version of their weekly ads to their IGALink websites. Although the Interactive Digital Ad offers a much better experience for shoppers on the website and mobile platform, this new PDF upload feature allows IGA retailers to present their weekly ad online at no additional cost.

To use the Basic Digital Ad PDF Upload Feature, follow the instructions below:

1. Enable the feature under 'Edit Basic Info' from your Administration Landing Page.

2. Once the feature has been enabled, navigate back to your Administration landing page and click on the 'Weekly Ad' feature.

3. In the image below, take note of the three options (Upload Ad, Manage Ads and Edit Settings) and read the descriptions below each option.

4.1 Upload Ad: When you click on Upload Ad you will see the features below. 

PDF files come in a variety of sizes. It is best for your website visitors if the PDF file you upload is less than 5 MB in size. Files larger than 5 MB will take significantly longer to load. You must upload a file that is in PDF format; no other graphic formats will be accepted.

Webstop recommends retailers upload a single PDF file for each weekly ad. This may require PDF providers to combine multiple ad page files into a single PDF file.

* Note that the PDF ad will automatically be removed from your IGALink website on the day you set as the ad end date.

4.2 Manage Ads: When you click on Manage Ads from the Basic Digital Ad Index page, you will see the features below. You may view, edit or delete any PDF ads you have uploaded. Ads that have expired will be saved in your Manage Ads page unless you choose to delete them. Expired ads will be highlighted in red. Ads that are currently live or are set to go live will be highlighted in green.

If you choose to edit an ad you have previously uploaded you will see the edit options depicted below.

4.3 Ad Settings: When you click on Edit Settings from the Basic Digital Ad Index page, you will see the option below. If you'd like to disable your Basic Digital Ad PDF Upload feature, simply uncheck the box and click 'Submit' to save your settings.

5. Once your ad has been uploaded, it will appear on your IGALink website on the start date you selected as shown in the image below.

By clicking on the ad of their choice, your customers will be able to view the PDF version of your ad. Note that the ad expiration dates are also listed next to each ad.

When you upload a PDF ad using your IGALink Administration features, the PDF ad will also appear on your mobile site. Although the Interactive Digital Ad is designed for a much better shopper experience as depicted below, your customers will be able to view your weekly ad PDF on their smart phones.


To upgrade to the Interactive Digital Ad or for help with the Basic Digital Ad features, email us through the Support Center.


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