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Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:47PM EDT


Review the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

1. How often is IGALink Coupons content updated?

New coupons from a wide variety of manufacturers are usually made available more than once a week, and the website is updated throughout the day with any newly available offers. Retailers should expect to have between 100-250 offers available at any given time.

2. Do I have to sign a contract to use the new IGALink Coupons feature?

No, you do not need to sign a contract to use the IGALink Coupons feature. You can opt-out at any time and you can keep or switch to an alternative coupon solution if you would like. Just email us through this Support Center if you would like to make any changes.

3. Should I be worried about IGALink Coupon fraud? What can be done to prevent coupon fraud?

The new IGALink Coupons feature has many built-in protections against coupon fraud. Coupon printing is managed using a proprietary software provided by Coupons.com. This printing software prevents users from printing a single coupon more than twice. Additionally, printed coupons include watermarks and other graphics that make duplication difficult. Coupons.com has reported extremely low levels of coupon fraud.

4. What if I already have a coupons solution in place on my IGALink website?

If you already have a coupon solution in place you can continue to run this solution as you have before. Just make sure to notify us here if you do not want IGALink coupons placed on your site.

5. How do I remove the IGALink Coupons feature from my website?

If you would like the IGALink Coupons feature removed from your website, notify Webstop via the Support Center here or email Webstop directly.

6. Can I place my own coupons on the coupons page?

The IGALink coupons feature does not support the placement of store-specific coupons at this time. However you may feature your own store coupons in your Custom Pages section.

7. Will IGA have exclusive brand coupons?

In the initial IGALink Coupons feature release, IGA will not include exclusive brand coupons. With that said, IGA is currently exploring the options for providing exclusive brand coupons through the IGALink Coupons feature.

8. What if I don't sell that product in my store?

The IGALink Coupons feature provides coupon content from over 1,400 national brands. Coupons feature general items common in most grocery stores. SImilar to other FSI coupons, occasionally a store does not carry that product.

9. What if I have additional questions regarding IGALink Coupons?

Webstop and IGA have partnered with Coupons.com to provide the new IGALink Coupon feature. SOme questions of a more specific nature are bettered answered by a Coupons.com representative; we would be happy to facilitate a question and answer session for you. Please contact us to get something arranged.

10. What kind of front end system does a retailer need to accept these?

Generally most front end systems will scan Print at Home Coupons. Print at Home coupons have been in the market place over 12 years and have picked up considerable momentum over the last 3-4 years. If the retail outlet accepts and scans FSI printed manufacturer coupons and Catalina Coupons, they should be able to scan Print at Home Coupons. Print at Home coupons are handled no differently than FSI's.

11. Can a retailer request certain coupons be removed from their coupon page?

The same coupon content will be available for all of the IGA stores. If an issue with a specific product arises, please contact us through the Support Center to let us know. 

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