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Ready-to-Use Glider Graphic Template Instructions

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST
We have created ready-to-use Glider Graphic templates for your use.  You can access templates by visiting the IGA Alliance site.  Below you will find instructions on how to add text to  the Glider Graphic templates using the free Sumo Paint tool.  

Start by logging in to the IGA Alliance Site.  Under Quicklinks, find the IGALink area and click Learn more.

On the next page, click Retailer Resources under QuickLinks.

Under Custom Gliders tab, select the glider graphic template of your choice and save to your computer.  Now that you have your glider graphic template ready, it's time to personalize the glider graphic using the free Sumo Paint application available here.

From the Sumo Paint home page, click Open Sumo Paint.

When Sumo Paint is finished loading, click the Open from HD option.

Once you have your glider graphic template opened, you should start by creating an additional layer for text.  Do this by clicking the layer icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

The new layer you created will appear above the Background layer.  Make sure to keep this layer selected as you move on to the next step of text creation.  Start by selecting the Text icon in the left icon list.

Once your text is complete, you can move it around the graphic template by selecting the Move tool and dragging your text to the area of the glider graphic you would like.

If you would like to have additional areas of text, you can create more layers (using same layer icon in bottom right corner) and place text in other areas of the template graphic.

If you make any mistakes in your layers, simply delete a layer by clicking on it and clicking Trash icon below it.  If you make a mistake in your text, delete the layer that includes that text and start again with a new layer.  When you are satisfied with your graphic personalization, select the Save to My Computer option under the File menu.

When the Save to My Computer window appears, select the JPG Format and leave the Quality bar at 100.  Then click Save.

Your personalized glider graphic is now ready to be loaded in to your IGALink Administration pages.  For instructions on that process, click here.

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