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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2011 09:01AM EDT


Site Set-up


1. “Currently there is no one on my team who has any experience with web technology. Will IGA offer training?”


Yes. Currently the IGA Coca-Cola Institute has two online training courses.  It is a good idea to assign a team member to go through the IGA provided training and be in charge of your site updates. This person need not be tech savvy; most of the customization is a simple drop and drag process. 


Once you have customized your site to reflect your store’s individual identity, other content will be maintained and updated by IGA and Webstop, meaning your shoppers will always see fresh content.


2. “I already have a website. Can it co-exist with the IGA program?”


IGALink includes content management system capabilities that allow you to setup your own pages and maintain content on the homepage. This may be all that’s needed to bring both the current site and the new site together for your shoppers. Webstop, our third-party web developer, can help you evaluate this option and provide materials to get you started.


It’s also important to keep in mind that your IGA-branded program contains the core features that have proven most popular with consumers (i.e. mobile web app, recipes, digital circular and interactive shopping list). Simply put, this is the best solution out there for IGA Independent Retailers. 


3. “My site currently includes links for manufacturer coupons, will I be able to include these?”


Yes. You can easily include links to third party couponing services however, keep in mind that additional features are on the way. IGALink will soon include paperless digital coupons that will be integrated seamlessly with the shopper login for your website and mobile web app.  


You may be better served waiting for the IGA-provided paperless digital coupons versus pointing consumers to a third-party couponing website with no integration. 


4. “Many of my customers have my current website set in their ‘favorites.’ Will they have to change their settings?” 


No. Their favorite setting will automatically redirect them to your new IGA website. 


5. “Can I integrate my loyalty program into my IGALink Website?”


IGALink has various features today that are an integral of many loyalty programs, such as online registration, login, personalized email campaigns, MyCookbook, auto login by consumer, and retailer-specific web pages based on the consumer's preferred store.  With our consumer login process, you can have access to each of your registered shoppers’ consumer profile. This will provide you with information on their history of registration, updates and contact us data - all information that can be used towards a loyalty program.


For example, for retailer with a card-based loyalty program, we can integrate the retailer card data with the online registration and login system.  Consumers register on the website with their card number, and can login either with their card or their email and password.  Their online profile updates are captured on the website databases and provided to the retailer IT environment so that they can sync the data to their consumer loyalty database.


If you have a loyalty program today that you want integrated to your new IGALink please use the Contact Us feature on the upper left hand side of the home page.




5. “What if I don’t carry all the items or ingredients found in the recipes?”


The 5,000 recipes in your recipe bank were created with your offerings in mind. We feel confident that you will have a majority of the ingredients listed and also that shoppers who are familiar with recipe search engines will be understanding on the rare occasion that you do not.


6. Can I combine my existing shopper database with the email addresses I capture through shopper registration with my new site? 


Yes. You can load names and addresses into the database. They will be seamlessly integrated with the addresses you will capture from your site. 




7. “I don’t run ads or print circulars. How does this affect my participation?” 


If you are you not running the ads because of the print and production cost, you might want to reconsider. IGALink allows you to provide your shoppers with a fully integrated digital adall at a fraction of the cost of a print ad. Simply having your IGA website will be an improvement to your marketing strategy that will help draw new customers into your store.


8. “How much work is required of me to make my weekly circular digital?” 


If you already print a circular, a majority of the work is pretty much done for you. Simply provide the PDF to Webstop, and they will convert it to a fully integrated digital ad in five days. 

For chains and retailers who share a base ad, two simple documents need to be created to identify ad zones and differences between ad versions.


If you do not run a print ad, work with Webstop and your LDC to develop a suitable PDF.


9. “My ads are bilingual. Will my digital circular be bilingual as well?”


Yes. Your digital circular will appear in the same languages on the website as it does in the print ad.   


10. “Can I add items to my digital circular that are not included in my printed circular?”


Yes. You can change your base ad by including the changes in a version spreadsheet document. Webstop will provide an easy example for this purpose.


11. “What if there is a mistake on my digital circular?”


You will have the opportunity to review your circular before it goes “live”. However, should an error be missed, unlike in a print ad, it can be corrected quickly at any time.  


12. “How does the pricing work for digital circulars?”


Digital circulars are priced based on the number of pages in the ad, items per page and the number of stores sharing the same base ad. With this system, the economies of scale go back to the retailer. 


13. “What if I plan on continuing to use my current website?”


IGA will not remove your current web address from our store locator unless specified to. If you already have a website today that you want to continue using, not a problem! There are no additional steps you need to take.


14. “Can I keep my web address but use the new IGALink website?”


Yes. To do so, you will need to complete what is called a DNS request. For more information please review the DNA and Domain Name Setup Guide article.

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