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Weekly Ad Preview

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST

Weekly Ad Preview Function:

Using this feature, you will be able to preview your digital weekly ads. Please note that this is an optional feature and not something that needs to be done each week unless you choose to do so. We have a 3 part editing process each week to ensure the accuracy of your ads before they appear live on your website. To watch a video tutorial on this feature, go to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and enroll in the IGALink online course.

You will find this section on your Administration page in the Content Management box.

When you select the Weekly Ad function, you will be taken to the Ad Index depicted below:

From here you will select "Preview Ads" and will be taken to the following page:

Now you may select the link on the left that corresponds to the date of the ad you would like to review.

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