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Home Page "Glider" Graphics

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST

Home Page Content Management System (CMS):

In this article we will discuss the functions of your Home Page Content Management System (CMS).  You can customize and change the animated Gliders on your home page without technical web skill. You will find this section on your Administration page in the Content Management box. 

Certain advanced features, such as your Home Page CMS function, are not compatible with all browsers. We highly recommend that you update your browser to Google Chrome so that all of your features will function properly. Here is a direct link for a free Google Chrome download for Mac users and PC users. Your consumer website will function properly with any browser so this will not be an issue for your customers. 

To watch a video tutorial on this feature, go to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and enroll in the IGALink online course. The Alliance Site offers Ready-to-Use Glider Images and you may obtain additional graphics and logos for use in your Custom Pages, Email Newsletter Campaigns or Gliders by visiting the IGA Image Library. For instructions on how to resize your glider images properly and advice on how to create quality gliders, read the Glider Creation and Sizing article.

When you select Home Page CMS you will see the page below:

In this example, two previous home pages have been created. You could either choose to edit an already existing home page or you can create a new one with new Gliders and choose a date that you would like those Gliders to begin appearing on your website. With this function, you are able to create multiple home pages at once and set dates for each page to go live on your website.


  • There are a total of 5 Gliders on your Home Page
  • The retailer has control over 3 Gliders and IGA will provide content for the other 2
  • The Gliders must be sized correctly (728 x 321) before being uploaded into the system

Here is an image of your Home Page template. This will appear when you select the "New Home Page" button above:

The Glider is the largest image in the middle of the Home Page template. Once you select this template, you will be taken to the page below:

The above Start Date box is where you will enter the date on which you would like the new Home Page with new Gliders to appear on your website. Below is the portion of the page where you will upload and place your Gliders:


Creating a URL Link on Your Glider:

When you select the grey "Upload a New Image" button above, you will be taken to the page below:

First you will choose a file (glider image that you created on your computer using the proper dimensions - 728 x 321) and then you may add a link to it in the "Link to URL" box above. Once you have done that and select the green "Add Glider Pane" button above, the new Glider will appear in your "Available Images" box as pictured below.

You are now ready to click and drag your Glider images from the Available Images box into the Image Rotation Slots. Once you place your Gliders and select the green "Create New Page" button, your new Gliders will appear on your website in the order you have placed them.

Note that "glider" and "slider" are descriptive of the same animated feature on the home page.

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