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Administering Your IGA Link Website

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST

Welcome to IGALink Administration!

You can access your IGALink Administration Index by using this link: http://admin.iga.com

The Administration System allows you to individualize your personal website. From here, you can change or update your store information, create a new home page with personalized gliders, create custom pages for your customers to learn more about your store, preview your digital weekly ad, keep track of your shoppers' online registration, create personalized email newsletters to send out to your shoppers and access your google analytics in order to see the results of your digital marketing strategies.

Your Administration capabilities are broken down into three main sections consisting of Retailer Information, Content Management and Customer Relationships. We have created articles on each feature in all three sections to guide you as you customize your personal website content. You can access these articles from the "Administration Features" section of the IGALink Website Support Center.

For more training on all of the Administration features, go to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and enroll in the online courses to see video tutorials on each feature.

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