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Capabilities of the Mobile Site

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2013 05:21PM EST

Mobile Site Features:

In this article we will discuss the various features and capabilities of your Mobile site. For more information and training on the features and capabilities of the mobile website, go to the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and enroll in the online course to see a video tutorial on this feature.


One of the great things about your mobile site is that it is easily accessed by typing the URL into the Smartphone's browser window. There is no need to download an actual app to the phone which takes up valuable memory space. Your mobile website was designed for the internet, specifically to be used by most Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.).


Your shoppers can connect to your mobile site simply by adding the phrase /mini/index to the end of your store's URL (briansiga.com/mini/index).


There is also a direct link to the mobile site on one of the Gliders on the home page of your website as depicted below:

This linked Glider has been set up on your Home Page. When your customers click on the Glider, they will be given a direct link to your Mobile site.


Your Mobile site will give your customers the same conveniences that your website offers:


1. Your customers will be able to view your weekly ad and add items to their shopping list from the ad. (If you are using the Basic Digital Ad, your shoppers will be able to view the PDF file.)

2. Your customers will be able to access and update their shopping list as needed.

3. Your customers will have the ability to quickly look up recipes for meal planning and be able to add all the necessary ingredients to their shopping list with just one click!

4. Your customers will have the technology of Google Maps at their fingertips enabling them to find your store location more easily than ever before!

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