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IGALink at a Glance

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012 03:37PM EDT

IGALink at a Glance.

With IGALink you get the easily recognizable online brand power of IGA, combined with the ability to personalize your website to maintain your own individual identity. But there's more to IGALink than an easily customizable website. The primary benefit of this program is a suite of digital marketing tools that will help you interact with your shoppers online and deliver on your IGA Promise of a personalized customer shopping experience in a whole new way.

Your shoppers will have access on your website to engaging, cutting-edge tools that will make their IGA shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. These tools include a fully digital online circular to showcase sale items, more than 5,000 searchable recipes that are linked to your circular, a shopping list that allows shoppers to add items that are featured in your circular or your recipes to a list as well as quickly type other items in their list. This solution also includes a mobile website that enables customers to view your site - and use all of these features - from their Smartphone! 

The first of two institute training courses on digital marketing, IGALink Digital Marketing and IGALink Website, Mobile Site, and Email Newsletters are available right now! You can access these courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the IGA Coca-Cola Institute website.

1. Your Own IGA Branded, Customizable Website               2. Fully Interactive Weekly Ad

3. Over 5.000 Searchable Recipes                                        4. Interactive Consumer Shopping List

5. Online Registration for Advanced Features                       6. Full-Featured Mobile Website

7. Advanced, Personalized Email Newsletters                        8. Online Website Analytics

For more in depth information on each of these features, visit the Alliance Site IGALink Program at a Glance article. 

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