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Red Oval Sweepstakes

Last Updated: May 14, 2012 02:56PM EDT

Building Engagement with Red Oval Sweepstakes


Looking for ways to build your shopper database? 

Red Oval Partner Sweepstakes are One Easy Solution! 

This article will provide you with marketing ideas that will help you promote shopper-focused sweepstakes opportunities from Red Oval partners, drive traffic to your website, and build your shopper database all at the same time. 

How does an IGA Sweepstakes grow my shopper database?

When shoppers register to enter an IGA Red Oval sponsored sweepstakes they are given the opportunity to opt-in for further communication from their preferred IGA store. Once the entry is submitted, these shoppers are stored in a master database by IGA. For retailers who have an IGALink website, the shopper data is then uploaded into their customer accounts. For retailers with their own web solution, shopper data is available upon request.

How to promote the sweepstakes:

  • Make sure to post the sweepstakes graphic and link on your website! 

    • IGALink retailers:

      • If you are using an IGALink website, the sweepstakes will automatically be pushed to the Red Oval promotion box in the bottom right-hand corner.

      • Make it even more enticing to shoppers by placing a ready-made sweepstakes glider on your homepage. Go to the Alliance site to download the corresponding glider.

    • Retailers using another website platform:

      • Go to the Alliance site and download the sweepstakes graphic and link.

  • Post the sweepstakes along in your print ad

    • Reach out those shoppers who may not have been to your website yet by placing an advertisement for the sweepstakes in your ad. Make it even easier for shoppers to enter by creating a QR code for shoppers to scan with their phones and go directly to the sweepstakes entry page! Click here for a free QR code generator. 

  • Get the word out in your store

    • Hold a team meeting to make sure that every employee in your store is prepared to talk to shoppers about the current sweepstakes and how to register. 

    • Go to the Alliance site and find the current brand marketing event taking place for downloadable resources you can print and use in your store to help spread the word! 

  • Make sure to post the sweepstakes on your Facebook or Twitter account

    • Let the word spread on its own by placing a link to the sweepstakes on your Facebook or Twitter page. Just copy the sweepstakes entry URL into your status box and a thumbnail image will automatically appear. Your shoppers will be able to ‘Like’, comment and share with friends.

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