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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2012 09:36AM EDT

Autoresponders and Segments

Your Grocery Newsletter Feature offers some wonderful tools to help you reach out to your customers via email campaigns. Two noteworthy tools are autoresponders and segments.

By setting autoresponders, you can easily create email campaigns that will automatically be sent to your shoppers. For instance, you  could create a 'Welcome Email' that will automatically be sent to each customer when they sign up to receive your grocery newsletter.

With segments, you can create a subset of an existing subscriber list to send special emails to. For example, you could send a special thank you offer to loyal customers who have been receiving your newsletter for a long period of time. Or if you are a retailer with multiple stores on one site, you could segment your subscriber list by store number. This gives you the option to target certain subscribers for special deals at their particular store. 

To find these great features and more, login to your Email Campaign sending center via your Administration Page under Grocery Newsletters.

Once in the Grocery Newsletter feature, click on Set Up Email Newsletter Campaigns to login to your Email Campaign sending center.

After logging in to your Email Campaign Overview Page, select the Lists and Subscribers tab.

Next click on your current Subscription List.


Once inside the Subscription List you will see a list of options on the right hand side, including autoresponders and segments.


Notice the Help link in the upper right hand corner of every page of your Email Campaign center. For a step by step guide on how to use these and any other tool in your Email Campaign center, simply click on the Help link and type in the name of the tool you'd like to learn more about.


For additional assistance or if you'd like to schedule a 1 on 1 training session for your grocery newsletter feature, email us through the IGALink Website Support Center. 

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