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Glider Graphic Creation & Sizing

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013 04:03PM EST
Glider Creation & Sizing

In this article we will cover creation and sizing of a basic home page glider image using Sumo Paint.  Sumo Paint is a free, web-based graphic application that can be used on any computer with a modern browser.  No installation is necessary. However, we recommend that you update your browser to Google Chrome so that all of your Administration Features will function properly. Here is a direct link for a free Google Chrome download for Mac Users and PC users. Your consumer website will function properly with any browser so this will not be an issue for your customers. 

Images used for a glider should be at least the same size or bigger than the glider dimensions, which has a width of 728 pixels and a height of 321 pixels.  When you scale images up from a smaller image they lose quality and look grainy or blurred.  We highly recomend starting out with a large image and scaling down, which is easy to do with the Sumo Paint application.  Below are links to Sumo Paint and a tutorial video to help you get started with creating your own glider images.  The tutorial video is high quality and may take a minute to load.

Note that "glider" and "slider" are descriptive of the same animated feature on the home page.

Sumo Paint

Tutorial Video

You can also create glider graphics using IGA's ready-to-use glider graphic templates.  Learn more here.

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