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NEW Grocery Newsletter Pricing, January 2015

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015 01:45PM EDT

The monthly rate for sending Grocery Newsletters is determined by two factors:
  1. The number of total subscribers 
  2. The number of emails sent per month

Image containing newsletter fees.

Here are some helpful steps to determine your monthly fee:
  1. Determine how many email addresses or ‘subscribers’ you have in your IGALink shopper database by adding the total number of subscribers in each subscriber list.
  2. Divide your total number of subscribers by your designated send limit to determine the number of email campaigns you can send each month. 
    Example: I have 300 email addresses. So, 2,500/300 = 8 email campaigns per month
  3. As a result of step two, determine if you want the Standard Sends or Unlimited Send option.
  4. I plan on sending one email a week, which is four emails a month. That leaves me with four additional email campaigns to send per month without going over my send limit. I’m comfortable with this, so under my new plan, my monthly newsletter fee would be $0.00!

What if I go over my monthly limited send?
Billing is triggered by usage, so if you go over you limited send maximum one month, you will be billed for the pricing tier that reflects your activity for the month. You will not be placed in a higher pricing tier indefinitely. 

For example:
I have 2,000 email addresses with a send limit of 12,500 (or 12,500/2,000= 6 emails possible before exceeding send limit) at the rate of $64.00 a month.
During the month of July I send eight email campaigns, equaling 16,000 sends. 

The price for 16,000 sends is $108.00, so for the month of July that will be my monthly rate.  

For the month of August, I stay within my send limit of 12,500 sends, so my pricing goes back down to $64.00.
*If you are interested in sending an unlimited amount of email a month, please notify Webstop, [Contact Webstop].

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